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Tim Skeen

There are some areas of business that attract the headlines and others that go largely unnoticed, but are crucial to the way we all operate.

In commercial property, it’s the big deals that get all the attention and the major new schemes being developed that get the juices flowing.  

‘£10 million pound scheme underway!’ Now that’s a headline you might read in your favourite property journal or business alert. ‘Property management carried out efficiently and effectively’, now forgive me, but I’m not sure that’s going to make the news.

But the importance of good, effective property management should not be underestimated or underplayed.
Collecting rent, sorting parking issues, ensuring tenants are kept informed of any changes and general upkeep of a site are all crucial to the day-to-day operations. If anything goes awry with the basics of property management, you’ll soon have unhappy tenants and a major headache.

Good property management is a case of prevention rather than cure when it comes to keeping tenants happy and, ultimately, that’s good news for a landlord’s bottom line.

Holt Commercial is very strong in this area with a team built on the company’s experience and expertise built-up over many, many years.  

We manage a host of sites across the Midlands region – from industrial estates through to office developments – and it is an area of the business that we feel we can grow based on the excellent service we deliver.
Please feel free to pick up the phone or drop me an email if you want to talk about the management of your commercial properties.
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